The ABC Low-Carb Wrap

Recently, I started making the occasional “tuna wrap” for a low-carb on-the-go meal.  Today, I ran out of tuna and had to find a substitute: Avocado!  Here’s a great quick recipe for those days when you’re too tired to cook or in a hurry.  It’s a good “pack lunch” option, too. 

The Low Carb Sandwich Wrap

There are increasing numbers of low-carb sandwich wraps out there.  I’ve used low-carb tortillas (La Tortilla is pretty good—obtained on Amazon), a sweet potato wrap (BFree–at Harris Teeter)  and a “white” wrap (Tumaro’s–available at Giant Food) very successfully.    La Tortilla’s are sturdy and the flavor is okay. Definitely my go-to for enchiladas and tacos. 

Low carb wraps usually weigh in at about 6 net carbs.  That’s usually better than low carb breads (which can be 10-12 net carbs).   Some people use lettuce leaves for wraps — which can be a bit messy. Low-carb wraps are nicely packable.  I can put one in a baggie and order a sandwich at any sandwich shop or even use it to contain a gyro, cutting the carbs on take-out.  

They’re definitely not on everyone’s list of “keto” products, of course.  Wheat is involved, and wheat definitely is on my list of “acid reflux” triggers.  I try to keep the use of these items down to once or twice a week.  

Sometimes, a sandwich

When I work late, or on a busy Saturday, a super-quick sandwich helps keep me “on plan.”  I’ve been trying to eat more fish, and tuna salad is an easy way to do that.   This weekend, I went to work on my signature tuna salad wrap and discovered that the can of tuna fish I thought I had in my pantry—was a can of cat food. (Oh my.)  I had been thinking about the new “avocado toast” that’s filtered on to menus from the West Coast.   I’d bought some avocados to test some recipes — so hmmm. Why not an avocado wrap instead?

This is a a really simple sandwich.  Here’s the ingredients

  • A low-carb sandwich wrap
  • Shredded cheese (I used Trader Joe’s three cheese blend of mozzerella, cheddar and ) — 2 tablespoons
  • Pre-cooked bacon (3 strips)
  • A ripe avocado
  • Garlic paste (1 tablespoon)
  • Lime juice (1 tablespoon or thereabouts)
  • Salt
  • Optional: a dash of cumin, onion powder and chili powder

I put the wrap on a plate and the pre-cooked bacon on it in an “H” pattern: two slices parallel, one across.

I put the cheese down the middle of the wrap. 

I microwaved the wrap, with the bacon and cheese, for 90 seconds.  Cheese should be bubbly! 

Next, I split the avocado, scooped it into a bowl. I added the garlic paste, lime juice and a good dash of salt and mixed it all together.  You can substitute your favorite guacamole recipe for this.  Adding chopped tomatoes and sweet onions would be a great addition.  That might add a carb.  Cumin, chili powder and onion powder can be added as an option to kick up the flavor. 

I put the avocado mixture into wrap with the cheese and bacon and there we have the ABC (Avocado, Bacon & Cheese) Wrap. 

I estimate that this is about 7 carbs net total–much of it will depend on the kind of wrap you use. 

 No picture!  I was so hungry, I ate it immediately.  It was so good, salty from the bacon, cheesy and cream–and the bacon added some nice texture.  Why pre-cooked bacon?  Convenience.  This is definitely a keeper recipe, easy to put together, with lots of good fat.   I’ll post a picture soon.