Setting the Macros on Carb Manager

Confused about your macros? You are SO not alone! If you’ve just started out on Carb Manager and have found your macros are just not right, resetting them is easy. In this walk through, I’ll show you how to re-set your macros. This is a follow-on for an earlier Carb Manager walkthrough for setting up a brand new account.

Confused about Macros? You’re Not Alone

I think the Dirty, Lazy Keto group has fielded about 100 requests for help with setting Macros, and about a dozen of them have been related to Carb Manager — at least! The confusion is about the formula for figuring out how much you should eat each day.

The confusion has to do with protein.

Most keto doctors advice that we eat enough protein to sustain your body mass. This means you take your weight in pounds, you multiply that by .36 and that’s your ABSOLUTE minimum for protein for the day. You can go beyond that, but don’t go below. At the high end, multiply your weight by .7 for the most protein you should have (the upper limit). Carb Manager should calculate this for you, but you can check that number to see if it’s right.

At the very least, you should know what that number is so that you meet your minimum grams of protein.

If you weigh, say, 225 lbs, that number would be: 81 grams
If you weigh 194 lbs, that number would be a little over 70 grams.

The maximum amount of protein is your body weight in pounds, multipled by .7:

So if you weigh 225 lbs, that number would be 157.7
If you weigh 194, that would be 135.8

Let’s say we (cough) weigh 225 pounds like someone-very-close-to me (ahem). But for some reason, my carb manager is giving me too much protein.

Re-Setting the Carb Manager Settings

I had my macros set for Low Carb. We’re going to fix them. First in Carb Manager you’ll see a sidebar with choices for what to access. We want to access Settings– at the bottom

The screen changes to something like this — with lots more below it but what interests us is the TOP of the screen. We are interested in two settings: the “My Profile” setting and the Macros setting.   These are found in the two “tabs” at the top of the screen, as shown below:

Changing Your Weight

Because ahem, SOMEONE didn’t put in their current weight, the macros calculated by Carb Manager are off. We first have to correct this. We click on the first tab, My Profile.

The current weight SHOULD be 225 in this case.

We simply edit the wrong number (Start Weight) and also (Current Weight). Then after we’ve entered this, we click on the next tab over, the Macros setting. Here I find my settings are not on Ketogenic, but on Low Carb High Fat. And all my macros are wrong. Sigh.

So first we fix the Carbs: Protein : Fat Ratio

But that’s a bit LOW. On everything. I can adjust the sliders from here to where I want it to be —JUST by changing the PROTEIN slider. But then we’ll see everything else change.

While I was at it, I also set the calculator to have me lose one pound a week. Now it gives me a calorie budget. However, I note that the protein is way too low.

I know that I need at least 81 grams of protein daily. A little more than that wouldn’t be a bad idea. So I just change the protein slider so that I get exactly what I want. Because we are set on ketogenic, the other sliders will move as I move the protein slider up or down to maintain those constant ratios.

I could leave that there and JUST ACCEPT that and go with it. But MOTHER OF MERCY, I am not ready for a ketogenic 20 grams a day MAX. At least not in my head.

Instead I want to set a CUSTOM setting. Instead of choosing Ketogenic, I choose Custom: Grams

Note that I entered 83 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbs (to give me a little room), and the same grams of fat (122) from the ketogenic settings. Because this is how I roll. Mentally, I will be able to work for to keep my carbs between 20 and 30 — which is what I can currently manage with some care. It’s not the perfect formula –but it’s what works FOR ME.

Hit the APPLY button and you’re ready to go.

More soon–Hope this is helpful.

~ Lola

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