Starting out with Carb Manager

Over on the Dirty, Lazy Keto Facebook Group, I’m seeing folks having trouble with dealing with my favorite tracking app, Carb Manager. Here’s a walk through for getting started.

What is Carb Manager?

Carb Manager is a food tracking app that is tuned for keto and low-carb diets, though you CAN track almost any way you want. You can get started with it here and follow along. It’s free, but there is a great premium version with meal plans and recipes. I love it. I use it every day.

Set Up is Quick and Easy

Then comes setting your profile. The first screen is pretty much fine as is for most US folks doing any kind of keto diet.

You won’t need to change anything here, unless you want to go “metric.”

Next, the dreaded Profile.

Next, enter profile. The weight is going to impact your “calorie” recommendations. Most keto followers pretty much ignore calories, but if you want to track calories too, then make sure you put in your current weight.

Next, they try to be “helpful.” I pretty much ignore calories as this is going to cause me too much stress. I’m on dirty, lazy keto, after all. But you can set it for a desired weight change. Will that help? Honestly, your mileage will vary on that. The only real concern is setting the macronutrient goals.

Then the Goal Setting thing.

However, if you DO want to count calories, then you need to set the Weight Change Goals.

Set the Weight Change goals by clicking on the down-ward pointing triangle to get these options. This will then set your calorie goal.

The Important Part: Setting Your “Macros”

Macronutrients or “macros” in keto language consist of only three things: Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat. In ketogenic diets, this is a ratio of 5% Carbs, 25% protein and 70% . This adds up to 100%.

On the little down-pointing triangle, next to the Carbs, Protein, Fat Ratio line, you can click that triangle and get many choices. It will look like this:

Keto way of eating folks choose the 5:25:70 (Carbs to Protein to Fat) option. Low Carb High Fat, a gentler way to lose weight (but often more slowly) is also a good option. The rest are for other ways of eating –or you can create your own with Custom.

There is also this “Ease into this Diet” Option. If you want to work into this slowly, this is a good option.

Click on the downward pointing triangle and you get these options:

This will automatically adjust the carbs to protein to fat and the calorie options over three days, over a week or over TWO weeks. If you’re brand new to keto or LCHF, this can be pretty helpful.

A Note on Protein

It’s widely believed that you should eat enough protein to sustain your body mass. This means you take your weight in pounds, you multiply that by .36 and that’s your ABSOLUTE minimum for protein for the day. You can go beyond that, but don’t go below. At the high end, multiply your weight by .7 for the most protein you should have (the upper limit). Carb Manager should calculate this for you, but you can check that number to see if it’s right.

That’s all there is to setup. If there is interest, I’ll provide walk-throughs on how to track. 🙂

Best, Lola.

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