Falling off the LCHF Wagon. Gah.

Seven years ago, I changed my life with LCHF (low carb, high fat).  I saved my health, lost weight, and felt better than I had in a decade.  Frequent migraines became very rare once I swore off wheat. I was doing so well, that, like many, I began to take my good health for granted.  And then. . . the slow roll tumble off the wagon began.  But I always managed to get back up –and back on. Until cancer.

Cancer Changes Everything

It started with what seemed like a menopause hiccup — that is, I didn’t seem to be HAVING any menopause–quite the reverse: my body was as full of estrogen as a teenager.  And that was the problem; this situation resulted in breast and uterine cancer. Surgery and treatments followed.  That was a year and a half ago — and recently, a new problem cropped up, mild diabetes.  That’s a huge wake-up call.

I know how to beat this. LCHF is going to be at least part of the answer. Exercise has to become part of my life again in a more organized way. But dammit, I’m older, and tireder and more stressed — and I look at the answer with, well, questions. How do I start over?

Looking around at the blogs and books, everything is geared for the newbie.  They’re all about telling you about the evils of artificial sweeteners, seed oils, etc., and spend lots of time defending their brand of LCHF Against All! Comers! with scientific reports and testimonials and so forth.  I do not need to be convinced. I need to figure out how to start over, get healthier AND BE HAPPY in my way of life.  For someone who loves potatoes, fruit and chocolate as much as I do?  This is a real challenge.

My Food Philosophy

My food philosophy involves developing a deeper understanding of how to make healthy food choices and set oneself up for success. I am not “religious” about LCHF, I am a pragmatist.  Many conversations about diet turn “religious” as people contend with each other about the “purity” of their practice and superiority of their choices.  It’s similar to yoga.   There are those yoga studios with mirrors all over, where people try to attain perfection — and perfection is defined by their particular yogini (teacher) or school.  Dogma on food (especially keto and paleo and other variants of LCHF) is everywhere and people love getting into fights about what practice or beliefs are “best.”  I’m not going there.

My yoga studio has no mirrors.  Its very supportive and allows for lots of leeway in how you do the poses and how you manage your body in classes.  At the end of every class, I feel infinitely better about myself and my journey — and I know I am the worst student in the class but that this is okay with everybody.   I used to be a passable yoga student, but a year, in and out of bed, with surgeries and treatments and, well, the upshot is– the old bod is a hot mess.  I am very fortunate to have a good yoga studio with great teachers.

I am going to apply that gentleness and kindness I get from my yoga studio to my practice of food. I am going to be disciplined with myself but if I need a little adjustment here and there, I’m going to make it.    But structure is very helpful– which is why I go to yoga class.  Sure, I could practice on my own, but the class is fun, energizing and inspiring.  For me, that’s also why I blog, so it’s natural that I start a new blog to help me (and perhaps others) on the way to better health and more abundant happiness.

So, how about you?

I’ve been blogging on other topics for about two years now. I know what I can deliver. Recipes, sure thing.  Tips and book reviews, you betcha. Gadgets and stuff, that’s always fun. I hope to have content here you can relate to, find interesting and engaging that will help you on your journey to better health and better eating without too much dogma and totally no judgement.  We all have our little heresies. (I use stevia. And…occasionally….if there are no other options…sucralose! horrors!)  We all have our moments of falling ass over teakettle for that certain something. The important point is to make good choices  most of the time. And to make sure we don’t sabotage ourselves (oh wow, we so totally can).   This is a blog about getting healthy and staying healthy with LCHF –even after we’ve totally dropped the ball.

We can do this!  And we can get better.

Warm regards, Lola 

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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